Founded in Malibu, CA, All Things Incorporated offers franchise opportunities to local entrepreneurs in towns and cities across the United States.

The idea for All Things Incorporated (ATI) came through an experience - growing a local company from the ground up. It came from the knowledge that local businesses are the backbone of our country and without them we would be a generic mush. It came from watching many local businesses fall short because the owners, the artists, or the entrepreneurs did not have enough experience or capital to gain the exposure they deserved. It also came from the realization that every town and city is unique in many ways.

The goal of ATI is to drive business into local economies - to help with job creation and opportunities. In this age of globalization, local communities can often be left behind, so ATI was created to allow people, whether they live there or not, to discover and support the unique beauty each town and city has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to explore real estate, buy local products that are unique to the area, find a new place to eat, browse the community blog, or simply check the weather, it’s all there and more.

Buying local helps everyone!